Stærmose Industry A/S is a supplier to machine manufacturers and the metal and construction industries

About us

We have specialised in metal sheet processing, laser cutting, steel constructions and insulation cabinets and provide services for machine manufacturers and the metal and construction industries.


Efficient process and fair prices

We focus on giving our customers high quality, fast delivery times and the best price. We have therefore streamlined and automated our processes and work flow, making us flexible and ready to adapt. This means that we are able to offer fast, efficient delivery without compromising on quality or precision.


Advice on metal sheet processing

Our modern machinery enables us to solve a wide range of tasks for our customers. We advise our customers on metal sheet processing, laser cutting and steel constructions. By involving us at an early stage we can help you find the optimum solution for your company. We have expertise in planning and construction, laser cutting and further processing of metal sheets through bending, threading, welding, surface treatment etc.


Urgent tasks

We can offer fast delivery times and always deliver on time. We are available for urgent tasks and are ready to adapt to offer you extra fast delivery.


Innovation and development

Innovation and development are natural parts of our work day, which is reflected in the way we handle jobs. We focus on maintaining a good working environment and a high degree of employee satisfaction, and our staff therefore have great influence on their work day and are consulted in connection with large decisions.