CSR Policy

CSR means Corporate Social Responsibility or Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility. At Staermose Industry, we want to take social and social responsibility. This by considering the employees' working, environmental and climate conditions, human rights and that our environment is treated responsibly.

At Staermose Industry, we believe that the long-term success of our business depends on the balance between social, environmental, and economic aspects of our business. Our CSR policy supports our vision and goals and commits us to our employees, our customers, our suppliers, the environment, and the company's business assets.

Taking social responsibility is a natural part of our way of doing business and we want to be responsible for a constructive and socially responsible development at Staermose Industry.

Therefore, Staermose Industry has chosen to use recognized frameworks and methods in its CSR work, including:

  • UN Global Compacts (UNGC) 10 Principles of Responsible Business Management. The principles include human rights, labor rights, the environment and anti-corruption.
  • UN Guiding Principles (UNGP) for guidelines on human rights

Staermose Industry priorities our CSR work into three main areas, which are of the most importance and thereby contribute to a positive development of the company and the environment. These are as follows:


At Staermose Industry, employees are the driving force to make the company function optimally in everyday life, and it is therefore a natural part of the fundamental values ​​to give weight to employees and fellow human beings.

That is why Staermose Industry works to:

  • Integrate employees into the company regardless of gender, race, skin color, religion, political opinion, sexual orientation, social origin, ethnic origin, age, or disability. Discrimination is not accepted of any kind.
  • Develop employees so that they are motivated to and can perform their work in a social, safe, and responsible way, as well as develop their personal abilities. All education and development will consider the needs of both the employee and the company and without distinction of gender, marital status, ethnic or national origin, sexual orientation, religion, political affiliation, age, or disability.
  • Ensure employees are treated responsibly in connection with organizational changes.
  • Ensure the employees' ability to work through targeted work to ensure a good working environment.
  • Ensure a high degree of employee satisfaction.
  • Respect human rights as defined in the UNGP
  • Fight corruption and bribery as defined in accordance with UNGC
  • All employees are offered health insurance, so that in the event of illness, they can be examined, receive treatment, have surgery, and post clearance control by specialists, private clinics and hospitals.
  • Hire apprentices and trainees as part of our social responsibility
  • A whistleblower scheme has been drawn up so that any employee is free to report and have unregulated behavior or actions that are in breach of the law and / or ethical rules dealt with.


As part of our efforts to take the utmost account of the external and internal environment in all matters, Staermose Industry works to:

  • Seek that all business activities are carried out efficiently and with the least possible consumption of raw materials, energy, and natural resources.
  • Seek to reduce the environmental impact of our activities by minimizing all forms of emissions, noise, and energy consumption, with a view to incorporating new technology.
  • Seek a high degree of recycling and sorting on our waste and scrap.
  • The basic principle of Staermose Industry's environmental work follows a local responsibility and is adapted to local conditions.
  • Seek to predict the consequences of new or changed business activities.

Suppliers and business practices

Staermose Industry we will seek to:

  • All business practices and collaborations with current and potential business partners, both intentionally and externally, must be treated fairly, honestly and without prejudice.
  • All employees at Staermose Industry have a part in lifting the task of joint global responsibility, where our part is described in this CSR policy.
  • In no business practice or cooperation, illegal or inappropriate payments or bribery may be made and in no way may corrupt business practice be involved.

Social responsibility

In addition to our 3 main areas, we take social responsibility by supporting charitable and humanitarian organizations such as the Danish Red Cross, where we have a business membership, Danish People's Aid, and contributions to the Danish Collection.


Field of application

This policy applies to all Staermose Industry's activities and to all employees regardless of title or position. Everyone is responsible for the ongoing enforcement and compliance of this policy, here under necessary knowledge sharing to ensure that all employees have the right knowledge.

The practical application of this policy is regularly monitored and communicated openly.

Any employee who becomes aware of a violation of applicable law or this policy must immediately report this to their immediate supervisor. All complaints must be processed and resolved within a reasonable period.

Odder May 12. 2022