Tube laser cutting

Tube laser cutting

Tube laser cutting  - reduced production cost and lead time


We have a new and modern tube cutting machinery. This give us a wide range of capabilities and competencies to deliver a complete solution. Whether it is a semi-finished product or complete finished product of constructions in steel. You only need to make an inquiry with one supplier, and we will ensure that both the laser-cut plate parts and tubes are handled together and in an efficient way. You saved time and effort because we take care of the entire steel construction process.


The machinery handles all types of iron and metal and a wide range of different types of profiles from round to square tubes and angle profiles, as well as other standard or custom-made profiles. We handle your 3D constructions and offers both 2D and 3D cutting in one and at the same process. The production process is streamlined and easy to customize. We laser cut with fiber laser technology and therefore we are able to provide cutting in all types of aluminum alloys and red metals, such as copper and brass.


While one production is in progress, the next one is prepared so that non-value-added time is reduced to a minimum. Compared to other manufacturing methods such as marking and sawing pipes, this manufacturing method is far more accurate and much faster in itself. When you look at the advantages in the welding process, you will experience the production times are reduced to a minimum.


Facts about tube laser cutting

Materials: All types of iron and metal

2D and 3D      See short video about the difference HERE

Lenght of tubes:  12.5 m
Welding seam: Detected with active scan
Round tubes: 240 mm
Square tubes: up to 200 mm x 200 mm


Adige LT8.20 4KW Fiber Laser (2D & 3D) 


We can cut in all thickness, but we are particularly good and experienced up to these:

Iron     12 mm   
Stainless   8 mm   
Aluminium   10 mm   
Copper   8 mm   
Brass   5 mm   

Tube and Profile Dimension

Round Diameter  12 - 240
Square Side lenght 12x12 - 200x200 
Rectangle / flat / oval  Max. side A lenght 200 mm
  Min. side B lenght 20 mm
  Max. side lenght difference (A-B)  152.4 mm
Flat steel Min 40 x 5 mm Max. 200 x 12 mm 
Other profiles, L - C - U, UPE  Min. 12 x 12 mm

Max. 150 x 150 mm or 

200 x 120 mm


varieties of I and H profiles 

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Special profiles

- Rolled Profile 

- Extruded

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General / Overall

Lenght of raw material, max.  12.500 mm 
Processed lenght, max 8.500 mm
Stitch searching

For placement of the welding seam according to

the customer specifications. 

Laser measurement during cutting For high accuracy



Gas Oxygen (standard) 
  Nitrogen (clean cut without embers) 



Assorted Thread
  Flow drill
  Hole fits



Drawing / files  3D CAD files  

- X_T



No files?   Contact us for help with the drawing




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