C.F. Nielsen - machine manufacturer from Northern Jutland

Staermose Industry is our preferred supplier

The production manager of a large manufacturing company in Northern Jutland has no doubts about what makes their collaboration with Staermose Industry so attractive: ‘They have a holistic approach to business. At the same time, they keep up-to-date, and the way they work shows that they understand the working methods of a company that produces 10 of one thing and two of another. That is why Staermose Industry is our preferred supplier of laser parts’.

Flexibility and price

But how does a company from Northern Jutland find a supplier in Eastern Jutland? ‘When I worked for System TM I got a good impression of Staermose Industry – offering flexible services at the right price. When I started working here we soon contacted them in connection with a difficult situation just before the summer holidays. We experienced delivery problems with our supplier at the time, but Staermose Industry was ready to help out. In the beginning we only used them occasionally, but after conducting a survey of prices on laser cutting and other conditions we have chosen to use Staermose Industry as our regular supplier’.

He continues: ‘The flexibility and prices of our supplier often determine how we make certain products. If laser cutting is too expensive, we choose the old-fashioned method, where a smith cuts, bends and drills. But if the price of a few items is good, we are able to change the design of our machines. Staermose Industry focusses on their total sale to us and not the individual parts, and that means a lot to us’.

‘Naturally, when we had to choose a supplier we compared prices, and in this case Staermose Industry was actually the best compared to our benchmark. That said, I do not think it is the price level that distinguishes them from their competitors. It is to a far greater extent their holistic approach, flexibility and understanding of how we operate. They understand what we need from our suppliers’, the production manager says about using Staermose Industry as their main supplier.

We only order what we need

The company’s project-based approach means that it is to a great extent its customers that determine how the production is organised: ‘To a company like ours, stock is a critical issue. The advantage of using Staermose Industry is that we only order what we need, as it is our projects that determine our needs. All that remains is to introduce a minor cultural change, so that our staff do not order too much at a time. Experience has taught us this – we simply do not know whether we will need the extra items, and then there is no point in ordering them’.

‘Staermose Industry is very agile and understands our situation. If you have a production that runs non-stop, then receiving items only once or twice a week can be problematic. Choosing a rather rigid supplier requires foresight. This is not the case with Staermose Industry’, the production manager explains, comparing Staermose Industry to other industry participants. He concludes by saying, ‘Staermose Industry provides excellent customer services. They are able to adapt to other companies’ working methods, and that is without a doubt their greatest strength. A lot of companies offer laser cutting, but not like Staermose Industry. Right now we buy laser parts and bending from Staermose Industry, but I can easily imagine also buying welded components from them in the future. That could easily become a reality’.


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