Staermose Industry offers a wide range of services

The owner of Exventar, Jette Lund Nielsen, had already worked with a smith on producing open steel bicycle sheds, but when she received an order for lacquered sheds she needed a supplier who could work with lacquered steel. ‘I asked my network, which told me to contact Staermose Industry. They offer a wide range of services, including lacquered items. They took the job and the price was competitive’, Jette Lund Nielsen says.

The best man for the job

‘Staermose Industry employs a smith, who has also trained as a constructor. Talking to someone who knows how everything works made me relax. It is great that they are quick to give the job to the right man, and that he sees it through’, Jette Lund Nielsen continues.

She knows what she values about the collaboration: ‘I got a sparring partner on my unique project. It makes you feel that everything is possible. What I do not know, Staermose Industry knows. They provide expert knowledge, and I am confident that what they produce will still work 20 years from now’.

Very smooth collaboration

Jette Lund Nielsen explains: ‘They are able to realise my ideas, and they have played a part in the ongoing product development. I do not come with a finished product. They have helped me with the final finish and given me access to knowledge about the materials which I did not have. They are experts in helping the customer rationalise the product and remove unnecessary parts – because the lighter, the cheaper. They are also on top of the construction part of the process and are able to provide guidance’.

By what makes her want to recommend Staermose Industry to others? Jette Lund Nielsen is quick to reply: ‘They are very service-minded and provide the necessary service if a problem occurs. They know that they have to follow up on the project, and they help me if I have a problem with the lacquering for example. Staermose Industry is a very flexible business partner, and they are open to new ideas. A good partner in the creative process, when you want to make something – they have the competencies to help you reach your goal’.

I ask them first

It is not just the product development process that appeals to Jette Lund Nielsen. She also thinks Staermose Industry has a good social profile: ‘I would like to help them strengthen that and, in so doing, help the vulnerable in society find a job. It is important to me that we work together and try to make something’.

Jette Lund Nielsen concludes by saying, ‘I do not have to worry, and I feel welcome at Staermose Industry. Of course, I think they will be an important business partner to me in the future as well. It is natural for me to ask them first’.

About Exventar:
Exventar’s designs are inspired by the surrounding landscape. The company designs and sells sculptural elements for urban spaces and open landscapes. In 2013 and 2015 the MIKADO bicycle stand was a part of the outdoor sculpture exhibition Sculpture by the Sea in Aarhus. Exventar has delivered FRISBII bicycle stands with coloured roofs and MIKADO stands to several companies, including the largest company in Billund, Denmark. All Exventar designs are produced in Denmark.