System TM A/S

Perfect and smooth collaboration

System TM makes great demands on its suppliers. Seeing as the company’s products consist of a large number of components, they need suppliers who stick to agreements and deliver on time. Anders Stæhr elaborates: ‘For some items, we need to be in control of the entire process; here we use suppliers who are situated close by. Even though this is not a main criterion, the close proximity gives us an advantage, and it is very important to us’.

‘Our collaboration with Staermose Industry is perfect. We cannot find fault with it. Our ERP systems speak the same language, and Staermose Industry has been willing to make this process as frictionless as possible. It is something we have worked on together over the years. We rely on short delivery times when something needs repairing. Staermose Industry is always ready to help and understands us – and that means a lot’, Anders Stæhr explains.

It is a win-win situation

Anders Stæhr continues: ‘We soon learned that Staermose Industry is a professional company. Today they deliver three fourths of our laser cutting and they do a lot of welding for us. It is simply a win-win situation for both companies. It would not have been much different if we had done it ourselves’.

And he knows what makes System TM’s collaboration with Staermose Industry so good: ‘There is a constant openness about all aspects of our collaboration, and they are one of our very good business partners. Of course there is always a cheaper solution, but that usually has consequences. Staermose Industry knows that our criterion for success is quality products on time, and of course the prices need to be competitive. We do not even have to discuss this with them’.

They will also be there in the future

So what do you get, when you choose Staermose Industry? Anders Stæhr is quick to reply: ‘You get a solid, professional business partner. They promise no more than they can deliver. They empathise with our business, and we understand each other well. It is not just empty talk; we can feel that they are genuinely interested. We do the same thing for our customers. Of course, that is how it should be’.

Anders Stæhr continues: ‘Quality may be a hackneyed word … well, everyone uses it, but I would say that it definitely characterises Staermose Industry. They keep up-to-date on the latest technology, and that means that we know they will also be there in the future. It makes us comfortable knowing that we have a supplier that is solid and at the forefront of the development in their field’.

We need to see a future

‘We have chosen Staermose Industry because they ARE competent. We need to see a future, and of course it is an advantage to us that they keep up-to-date. We tell all of our suppliers that as long as their live up to our agreements they do not have to worry. Our collaboration can continue as long as we have a mutual understanding’, Anders Stæhr says with a smile and concludes: ‘When we feel that we have the right business partner we do not spend time and energy looking for a new one’.

About System TM A/S:
System TM A/S specialises in optimising system solutions for leading companies in the solid wood industry and is one of the world’s largest suppliers of machinery for handling and trimming solid wood products. The company’s competencies cover everything from line design, installation and staff training to service and maintenance. Through the latest technology, a unique project organisation and close collaboration with its customers System TM is able to match any need for optimisation of staff and wood resources. The company has existed for more than 35 years, and all of its products are produced in Denmark.

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