Wobarg Maskinkonstruktion ApS

Staermose Industry is flexible

’At one point I was looking for laser cutters closer to us geographically. One of my employees recommended Staermose Industry, and we have used them ever since’, says Jens Hother Grabow, manager of Wobarg Maskinkonstruktion ApS.

We have a lot of small orders

In connection with the company’s own production Wobarg often needs a supplier that can produce and deliver semi-manufactures on short notice. Jens Hother Grabow explains, ‘We have a lot of small orders and require short delivery times. We may be a bit difficult in that respect, but that is how we work – and of course everything needs to fit into our own production’.

‘Staermose Industry excels at fast and flexible delivery, and at the same time they operate at a reasonable price level. Of course all aspects have to be considered. It is important to us that we can place small orders and receive them quickly. If all hell breaks loose, they are able to do the job here and now’, he continues. So what is it that Staermose Industry can do that others may fail to? Jens Hother Grabow is quick to reply: ‘You can push things through anywhere, but it usually comes at a higher price. It does not at Staermose Industry. Of course we would like to avoid the minimum charge, but it is perfectly understandable’.

Today Staermose Industry is their exclusive supplier

Jens Hother Grabow does have some concerns, though: ‘When a supplier grows bigger, things often become less focussed. This is not the case with Staermose Industry. When we first started to collaborate they only had one laser cutter; now they have three fully automatic cutters. So there is definitely progress. Still, Staermose Industry has managed to grow without affecting their existing customers. That is really something’.

‘If they continue to be as flexible as they are today, then of course we will continue to use them in the future. Today they are our exclusive supplier. There are many other laser cutters, but we do not spend time and energy examining the market. I feel that what I get here is reasonable, so I have no use running around comparing prices all the time’, Jens Hother Grabow concludes.

About Wobarg Maskinkonstruktion ApS:
Wobarg Maskinkonstruktion ApS offers high-quality special machinery. The company produces high-speed, high-precision, intelligent machines and machines that are able to handle a number of different tasks. The machines come in all sizes and prices.

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