Conflict Mineral Policy

Staermose Industry A/S is committed to social responsibility and ethical business practices. Staermose Industry A/S hereby informs that we do not acquire or knowingly use conflict minerals in our production, as defined in the terms of "Conflict Minerals", as described in the Dodd-Frank Wall Street reform – section 1502 of 2010.

The conflict-affected minerals currently include Cassiterite (Tin), Gold (Gold), Columbite tantalite (Coltan, nobium and tantalum), wolframite and their derived minerals mined in the respective territories (3TG) that cover: Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic, South Sudan, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, Angola, Zambia and Burundi.

Staermose Industry A/S supports the Dodd-Frank regulation, which focuses on preventing the risk of armed groups in the above countries benefiting financially from the sale of conflict minerals. Therefore, we distance ourselves from the use of resources that may have been extracted because of conflicts or human rights violations. This includes conflict minerals, designated 3TG.

Given the connection between mining and trade in conflict minerals and human rights violations in the areas mentioned, we are committed to increasing transparency and ensuring responsible sourcing. The goal of Staermose Industry A/S is to ensure that all materials we purchase only contain minerals from conflict-free sources. We do not knowingly tolerate or contribute to any activity that fuels illegal conflicts or human rights violations.

Supplier requirements

At Staermose Industry A/S, we expect our suppliers, like us, to work with their suppliers in accordance with the Dodd-Frank ordinance, so that they can pass on the necessary information requested.

We expect all our suppliers to be able to provide a conflict minerals report or statement, or to otherwise declare that they have implemented or will implement due diligence in relation to conflict minerals, to ensure transparency and demonstrate high social responsibility. Any supplier who fails to meet these requirements will be scrutinized for future cooperation.

Odder January 2, 2024


John Stærmose CEO